Selecting Items For A Fundraiser

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When a school or scouting group decides to host a fundraiser, members will most likely want to make as many sales as possible so they make a large profit. Fundraising requires some thought into what products to select to sell to the public. Here are some points to consider in an attempt to maximize the amount of money obtained from the event.

Select An Item That Will Be Used

The usability of an item will make a big impact on the number of sales obtained. If a product is not beneficial, sales will not be as prominent. Consider purchasing lanyards, coffee mugs, clothing, and office supplies as these are items sure to be used on a daily basis by many people. Edible items also do well in raising money for a cause.

Make Sure Plenty Of Choices Are Available

Instead of selecting one item to sell, it is a good idea to have a few choices available. This way if someone is not interested in one item, they can move on to another and perhaps decide to make a purchase. Color and size choices should also be available for items as this will allow buyers the chance to purchase items not just for themselves, but for others to give away as gifts if desired.

Use Wording To Personalize Items For Sale

It is a good idea to personalize the materials so those purchasing them will remember where they had obtained them in the future. The school or scouting group’s name can be incorporated onto each piece being sold. Alternately, allowing customers the option of personalizing materials with their own names is another option. Personalized items are a big hit with those who buy them, as they will be unique in nature.

Keep Price In Mind

Be aware of the prices being asked for on the items. It is wise to give purchasers a wide range of priced items so each person looking at the selection will have the funds available to make a purchase if desired. If items are to be displayed at a selling location, be sure to label them with easy-to-read prices for convenience.

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