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We do not know when an accident would happen, that is why getting insurance is recommended. We pay for it monthly or annually, and think of it as an expense; but when the worst of the worst comes, it gives us relief especially when the cost of repairs is way too high. These are some of the companies offering the best protection plans for you and your vehicle, and it is recommended that you take note of them because you would not know when their policies would be handy.

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The insurance plan offered by Endurance is one of the highest rated in the world. People are so happy with the list of plans that they have, and so many customers having Endurance plans testify how reliable the company is whenever they need help. They give the customers a chance to pay for their plans for 24 months straight, complete with a variety of options even for vehicles getting a lot of mileage. They also have a dedicated 24-hour customer support that employs professionals who are ready to answer each question that the customer would be asking, and they are also prepared to enlighten them with the conditions on the plans that they purchased.


American Standard Auto Protection 

Commonly known as ASAP, it is another reliable name in the extended car insurance industry. ASAP gives its customers a chance to pay for their protection for more than 36 months, and they also employ professional customer service representatives that are ready to help out customers who are having troubles with their insurance plans. The three policy plans that they offer to their customers are more than enough to protect their vehicles from costly repairs, and people are purchasing their plans because of the coverages that they provide.



Another high rated insurance company which offers some of the best car protection plans. Vehicles acquiring mileage up to 225,000 miles can benefit from their Autopom car insurance. This is a great deal especially for people who travel a lot, and who gain so much mileage on their vehicle that is prone to wear and tear. However, the company does not have a 24/7 contact center, so whenever people are having problems with the insurance policies that they got from Autopom, it is encouraged that they call during business hours for their concerns to be addressed.



Aside from the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with every car, Carchex elevates the playing field by providing an extra six years of insurance coverage, and that is on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. The company has five protection plans in total, and they are being used to cover the cost of repairs for vehicles that have Carchex protection. Customers who would be taking their vehicle into the dealership would have to pay for a $200 deductible first, but right after having the vehicle diagnosed, Carchex will be the one following up on the repairs making sure that everything will be done right. The insurance plan is available only in the United States as of the moment, but the company is deciding to expand and start operating in Mexico and Canada.


AA Auto Protection 

The company is known for having multiple policy plans available to their customers. However, the mileage on the vehicle must be well tracked, because the coverage will handle only repairs up to 100,000 miles. Beyond that, it would be the customer’s responsibility. They collect $100 for the repairs, and they are also offering a $30 budget for five days to those who would need to the right rental cars. The company does not offer 24/7 customer service, and it is recommended that if someone is having problems with the company, it is much better for them to be contacted.


Delta Auto-Protect 

The insurance company, offers one of the lowest deductible rates in the United States – at only $50! However, you can only use the insurance coverage within 140,000 miles. Anything above that will be handled by the customer, and the insurance company will never shell out a single penny for repairs involving vehicles that are over the mileage. The company does not have a dedicated 24/7 customer service, and it is much better to contact the company by email or any similar platform. 

This vehicle insurance company is offering insurance plans to their customers that can be payable within three years. However, the downside of transacting with this company is the lack of training for their customer service representatives. They are described as being too pushy to offer their services, with some being frustrated at the service. However, their products are one of the most sought-after, because of low deductibles and a wide selection of coverage plans.


Warranty Direct 

The vehicle protection insurance that this company offers can be used for free within 60 days. If the customer felt like they are not being assisted upon by Warranty Direct, they can give the insurance that they paid for, but it should be within the 60 day period.



It gives the vehicle owners to use their vehicle protection plans for at least ten years and within the 115,000-mile mark, and anything about it will be shouldered by the customer. However, there is a major drawback, as the USAA only permits members of the military to purchase the insurance plans that they are offering. Every plan included in the USAA insurance coverage protection is reliable and affordable, and more military people are trying to get their share of the insurance plan as the United States is inviting more people to join the army.


Youi NZ

New Zealand Insurance Youi company have several plans which help out car owners, and they deliver what they have initially promised. Working for the company is also great, because of the benefits that they provide to their employees.



Getting insurance especially from the most reliable companies will help you out significantly, especially in times of need.


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